How to use up Easter chocolate


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How to use up Easter chocolate

Creative ways to use up leftover chocolate

Take a look at some of our ideas below - perfect for using up any spare chocolate you might have after the Easter weekend.

Break it: Use leftover eggs to garnish desserts and cakes for a fancy finish. Break the eggs into different sized shards and layer up across the top (this looks great on chocolate cakes, trifles and tarts), grate it in a fine layer or use a potato peeler to make chocolate curls – as seen in our chocolate ice cream pie recipe. Popping the chocolate in the freezer for half an hour or so before use will make grating and curling easier.

Melt it: Melt down any leftover chocolate bars and chunks of Easter eggs in the microwave or in a pan over a low heat. You can serve this straight away in a bowl with chopped fruit and crackers to dip in, or use it to coat fruit (strawberries, apple slices and banana chunks work well) and leave them to set on a tray in the fridge. For a fun gift idea, line a tray with cling film and scatter dried fruit and nuts across it. Pour over melted chocolate and leave to set into chocolate bark, then break into shards and divide between bags tied up with ribbon.

Bake it: Swap cooking chocolate for Easter eggs in a range of baking recipes, such as chocolate brownies or a tasty tray of fridge cake (this is a good way to use up leftover sweets or dried fruit, too). You could break the eggs into small chunks to replace chips in a cookie recipe, or mix with your favourite cereal to create chocolate nest cakes.

Drink it: This is a great teatime treat, especially if your little ones have had a busy afternoon working off some of their sugar energy in the garden. Melt a pile of chocolate in a medium pan and whisk in milk. Once warmed through and completely combined pour into mugs and serve with sliced fruit and oatcakes on the side.