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Almond and cinnamon ladoo

Almond and cinnamon ladoo image
Difficulty Easy
Preparation 15 min
Cooking 10 min


16 pieces
    • 50   g
    • 175   g
    • 70   g
    • 0,5   g
  • To serve (optional)

    • 16  
  • Or

    • 1   tbsp
    • 1   tsp


    Hand these classic Indian sweets around at Diwali. Made with toasted ground almond enriched with butter, sugar and cinnamon, you’ll find it hard to stop at one!

  1. Make a browned butter for richness. On a low heat, melt the butter in a small pan. Turn up the heat to medium and continue to cook until it has turned golden with visible brown patches and it starts to smell nutty. Pour the browned butter into a bowl to cool.

  2. Heat the ground almonds in a large frying pan over a low/medium heat for a few minutes, stirring continuously – this will help release the natural oils, making it easier to form into balls later on.

  3. Pulse the almonds, icing sugar and cinnamon for warmth, plus a pinch of salt, in a food processor until well-combined. Drizzle in the browned butter a tablespoon at a time, pulsing until everything comes together. You might not need all the butter and don’t over-pulse or the mixture will start to become a nut butter.

  4. Take a small portion of the mixture and try forming a ball. If it clumps together easily, it’s ready. If it crumbles, return to the food processor and pulse a few more times. Roll the mixture into 16 balls.

  5. To finish, you can either press a whole almond into the top of each one for crunch or roll the balls in a mixture of ground mixed spice and cinnamon to coat. Store in the fridge on a lined plate until ready to eat.

Nutrition per serving

Kcal 110
Proteins (g) 2
Fats (g) 9