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Aromatic sausage patties with mustard onions

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For the sausage patties

600 g g pork sausages pork sausage
(removed from skins )
3 garlic garlic
(large, finely chopped)
40 g g ginger ginger
(finely chopped)
1 tsp tsp Red chillies Red chilli
(flakes or powder)
1 tsp tsp black pepper black pepper

For the mustard onions

2 red onions red onion
(peeled, and finely sliced)
2 tbsp tbsp olive oil olive oil
3 tbsp tbsp vinegar vinegar
(any kind)
1 tbsp tbsp mustard mustard
1 tbsp tbsp parsley parsley
salt salt
(to taste)
peppers pepper
(to taste)
sugar sugar
(to taste)

For serving

4 morning rolls morning rolls

Aromatic sausage patties with mustard onions

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50 min


Sausages and mustard are a match made in heaven, and this recipe by Scottish chef Tony Singhcombines the two perfectly. A real winner for any meal time, the addition of chilli and ginger make this an extra-special taste sensation.

1. To make the sausage patties, simply combine the sausage meat with the garlic, ginger, chilli and black pepper. With your hands form into 4 even-sized portions, and shape into patties.

2. Heat oil in a heavy frying pan over a moderate heat and fry the patties for approx. four minutes on each side. When golden brown and cooked through, remove to a warm plate, and cover lightly with foil.

3. In a heavy-based pan heat 2 tbsp olive oil, add onions and cook over a medium heat until onions have cooked down for 1⁄2 hour.

4. Take off heat and stir in mustard and vinegar, season with salt, pepper and, if needed, sugar.

5. To serve - place onions with patty on top in a roll and enjoy.