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Beef sub rolls + image

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454 g g rump steaks rump steak
(2 beef )
4 tbsp tbsp Worcestershire sauce Worcestershire sauce
1 sprigs sprig rosemary rosemary
2 tbsp tbsp Olive oil Olive oil
2 tsp tsp wholegrain mustard wholegrain mustard
1 garlic cloves garlic clove
(crushed )
2 tbsp tbsp vegetable oil vegetable oil
6 hot dog rolls hot dog rolls
rocket rocket
(large handful)
2 tbsp tbsp horseradish horseradish

Beef sub rolls

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20 min


These beef sub rolls are super simple and quick to make when you are after a quick mid-week meal or snack to satisfy your hunger. Full of tasty flavour, they are sure to leave your tastebuds and hunger feeling perfectly satisfied.

1 Place the rump steaks in a plastic re-sealable zip-lock bag, add the Worcester sauce for some kick, rosemary, 1 tbsp olive oil, garlic and mustard for a bit more power. Seal the bag and rub all the ingredients into the meat. Transfer to the fridge for 1-2 hours to marinate.

2 When ready to use, remove from the fridge 15 mins before. Heat half the remaining oil in a large heavy based frying pan over a medium heat and cook two steaks 3-4 minutes each side. Allow to rest for 10 mins. Repeat with the remaining oil and remaining steaks.

3 Cut the steak into thin strips and stuff into the hot dog rolls with the rocket for some earthiness. Dot over the horseradish sauce. Serve with extra horseradish on the side for a bit of extra punch.