Crunchy lucky dip croissants

Crunchy lucky dip croissants image
Difficulty Easy
Preparation 20 min
Cooking 5 min


6 pieces
    • 6   croissant
  • For chocolatey and nutty croissants

    •   almond butter
    • 70   g chocolate milk chocolate to dirzzle
    • 1   handful pistachio
    • 1   handful hazelnut
  • For fruity croissants

    •   strawberry jam
    •   blueberries
    •   raspberries
    • 1   tablespoon plain yoghurt
    • 70   g white chocolate melted
    •   flaked almonds
  • For chocolatey and fruity croissants

    •   chocolate spread orange flavour
    •   satsumas segments


    Take breakfast to a new level with these crunchy lucky dip croissants. Chocolatey, fruity or orangey…which will you choose?

    1. Slice open 6 croissants. Fill 2 with a generous layer of almond butter for richness. Melt 70g milk chocolate to drizzle over, topping with a handful of chopped pistachios and hazelnuts for crunch.

    2. Fill another 2 croissants with strawberry jam, blueberries and raspberries for fruitiness. Top with 1 tbsp natural yoghurt mixed with 70g melted white chocolate and decorate with flaked almonds.

    3. Fill the last 2 croissants with chocolate orange spread for sweetness and zingy satsuma segments. Warm through and loosen extra spread to drizzle on top, garnishing with another segment.