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Double chocolate cheesecake

Double chocolate cheesecake image
Difficulty Easy
Preparation 25 min
Cooking 2 min


10 servings
    • 1,5   packs
    • 175   g
    • 80   g
    • 3   tub
    • 100   g
    • 1   handful


    When time is of the essence over the Easter holidays, this double chocolate cheesecake recipe is super easy to make the night before, and looks the part too.

    1. Blitz 1½ packs Neo biscuits into crumbs and mix through 100g melted butter. Press into a lined 8-inch cake tin and chill.

    2. Slowly whisk 175g melted white chocolate into 3 tubs full fat cream cheese. Stir through 80g Greek yoghurt and a large handful chopped Neo biscuits. Spoon onto the base and chill overnight.

    3. Remove the cheesecake from the tin and decorate with chocolate thins and Maltesers.