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Easy peanut butter s’mores

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4 chocolate biscuits chocolate biscuit
peanut butter peanut butter
(for spreading )
4 marshmallows marshmallow

Easy peanut butter s’mores

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10 min


These super sweet s’mores combine all the gooey deliciousness of marshmallows and peanut butter together with chocolate.

  1. Place 4 chocolate biscuits on a plate in pairs, chocolate side up. Spread each biscuit generously with crunchy peanut butter.
  2. Thread 4 marshmallows onto a skewer and toast over a flame, or place the marshmallows individually under the grill on a baking sheet lined with baking parchment until brown and softened. Carefully slide off the skewers (if skewers used) and arrange 2 marshmallows on the bottom biscuit of each pair. Sandwich with the top biscuits, pushing down gently.