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Mince pie baked Alaska

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1 l l vanilla ice cream vanilla ice cream
4 mince pies mince pies

For the sponge

100 g g icing sugar icing sugar
2 eggs egg
1 tsp tsp vanilla extract vanilla extract
100 g g self-raising flour self-raising flour
2 tbsp tbsp apricot jam apricot jam
100 g g butter butter

For the meringue

3 egg whites egg white
150 g g icing sugar icing sugar

Mince pie baked Alaska

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50 min


When the season calls for a show-stopping dessert to wow your guests with, try this festively-flavoured mince pie baked Alaska recipe by influencers Billy & Jack.

1. Crumble the mince pies into the ice cream and give it a good mix. Place into a medium bowl (20cm in diameter) lined with cling film and place in the freezer, ideally overnight or until it’s hard.

2. Make the sponge by creaming together the butter and sugar. Once light and fluffy, add the eggs and vanilla essence and mix well, slowly add the flour and stir to combine. Grease and line a 20cm cake tin and bake at 160°C for 15 minutes. Once cooked remove, cool and brush liberally with the apricot jam.

3. Place the egg whites in a clean bowl and whip until they reach soft peaks. Slowly add the sugar, a spoon at a time, constantly whipping until they become soft and glossy.

4. Remove the ice cream from the freezer and place on top of the sponge. Cover the sponge in the egg white/sugar mixture and place in a pre-heated oven at 190°C /gas mark 5, for 5 minutes so that the meringue can brown. Slice and serve!