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Minty mango salsa

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1 mangoes mango
(ripe, and diced)
1 limes lime
1 green chillies green chilli
black pepper black pepper
0.5 blocks block halloumi halloumi
(roughly diced)
1 handfuls handful mint mint
tortilla chips tortilla chip
(to dip)

Minty mango salsa

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10 min


For a dip with a tropical twist, try this fresh and delicious mango salsa recipe. With a kick of heat from the chillies and saltiness from the halloumi, you’ll be loading up those nachos in no time.

  1. Dice the ripe mango and green chilli, juice the lime and mix all these ingredients together with plenty of black pepper.
  2. Roughly dice the halloumi and fry in a pan until golden. Stir this through the salsa.
  3. Shred a handful of mint leaves and garnish on top. Serve alongside tortilla chips to dip.