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Mortadella and chestnut polpette

Mortadella and chestnut polpette   image
Difficulty Medium
Preparation 30 min
Cooking 30 min


4 people
    • 60   g
    • 3   tbsp
    • 1  
    • 1  
    • 4  
    • 3   tbsp
    • 1   tbsp
    • 720   ml
    • 100   g
    • 75   g
    • 500   g
    • 40   g
  • To serve



    Polpette are Italian meatballs, sometimes served simply fried, other times in a sauce. We’ve added diced mortadella to make these ones extra-juicy and flavoursome, contrasting with nuggets of earthy chestnuts. Dig in!

  1. Tear the bread into small pieces and add to a mixing bowl with the milk, seasoning and the egg, beaten. Leave to soak and soften.

  2. Finely chop the onion and crush the garlic. Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan and cook the onion over a medium heat for 5 minutes until starting to soften and turn golden. Add the garlic and dried herbs and cook for 2 minutes, stirring. Spoon about one-third into the mixing bowl with the bread and leave to cool. Add the chunky tomato passata to the onions in the pan, cover and simmer gently for 10-15 minutes.

  3. Roughly chop 50g of the chestnuts and cut the mortadella into small cubes to add bite, then add both to the mixing bowl along with the pork mince and 40g grated Pecorino Romano. Mix to combine well, then use damp hands to shape into 20-24 meatballs. Chill the meatballs for 30 minutes before browning, if possible.

  4. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a frying pan and brown the meatballs, in batches if needed, until crispy and browned. Add to the tomato sauce with the rest of the chestnuts, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Serve over spaghetti or linguine, topped with extra grated Pecorino Romano for punch, and a scattering of herbs for colour if you like.

Nutrition per serving

Kcal 600
Fats (g) 35