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1 pumpkins pumpkin
olive oil olive oil
sea salt sea salt
black pepper black pepper
1 bulbs of garlic bulb of garlic
(sliced in half horizontally)
1 onions onion
(brown, roughly chopped)
1 Red chillies Red chilli
(roughly chopped)
1 tsp tsp ground cumin ground cumin
1 tsp tsp ground coriander ground coriander
1 vegetable stock vegetable stock
500 ml ml water water
1 handfuls handful pumpkin seeds pumpkin seed
2 tortilla wraps tortilla wrap
10 black olives black olive

Pumpkin potion soup

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60 min


This easy pumpkin soup recipe is perfect for using up leftover Halloween pumpkin and makes a great autumnal starter. If having as a main, serve with two portions of your favourite vegetables.

1. Start by preheating your oven to 200c. On a large chopping board, slice your pumpkin in half to
start with and then scoop out the seeds. Cut your pumpkin into small chunks and spread onto two
baking trays. Drizzle with the olive oil, salt and pepper and then roast for 30 - 35 minutes until
cooked through and golden at the edges. Once roasted, theskincan easily bepeeledby hand.

2. When the pumpkin has 10 minutes to go, in your largest saucepan, heat two tbsp olive oil over
a medium heat. Add your onion, garlic and chilli and cook for 10 minutes until soft. Add your cumin and
coriander and cook off for 2-3 minutes. Add your pumpkin when it’s cooked through and your
vegetable stock. Simmer for 10 minutes and then blend to a smooth consistency. If it needs a little
help, add some more warm water.

3. Cut out spooky shapes from the tortilla wraps and then pop them onto a baking tray. Bake until
golden for around three minutes. Serve your pumpkin potion in bowls with a drizzle of olive oil
and some pumpkin seeds scattered across the top and your scary tortilla chips on the side! Slice
olives to make googly eyes and then arrange them over your soup for an extra fear factor.