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Raspberry and Rosemary Fizz

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raspberries raspberry
(fresh, plus 4 set aside for garnish)
4 brown sugar brown sugar
1 bottles bottle champagne champagne
4 rosemary rosemary

Raspberry and Rosemary Fizz

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8 min


This sophisticated Champagne cocktail would make a stylish apéritif at Christmas. Prepare a batch of the raspberry purée in advance to make it super speedy to put together.

  1. Push the raspberries through a fine sieve or tea strainer, collecting the puree in a bowl beneath. Discard the seeds and pulp.
  2. Place a single brown sugar cube in the bottom of four tall champagne flutes.
  3. Carefully spoon the raspberry puree on top of each sugar cube
  4. Roll the rosemary sprigs between your palms to bruise the leaves a little then place in the glasses.
  5. Top with champagne and garnish the side of the glass with a raspberry.