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Seaweed fruit skewers

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3 kiwi fruit kiwi fruit
1 Galia melon Galia melon
200 g g grape grape
(red and green)
mint mint
1 cucumbers cucumber
2 digestive biscuit digestive biscuit

Seaweed fruit skewers

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20 min


A great centrepiece for any tropical themed tea party or simply a fun snack to make with the kids, these seaweed fruit kebabs are super easy to make, and look the part too.

1. Cut 3 peeled kiwis into cubes, along with the flesh from ½ Galia melon. Thread onto 8 skewers with 200g red and green grapes and a few mint leaves.

2. Peel the skin from 1 cucumber using a vegetable peeler, then slice lengthways into thin ribbons. Wind around the skewers like seaweed.

3. Place another ½ Galia melon onto a plate cut-side down and push the skewers into the top. Decorate with 2 crushed digestive biscuits for a sandy seabed.