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Strawberry and basil mule

Strawberry and basil mule image
Difficulty Easy
Preparation 0 min
Cooking 10 min


1 serving
    • 40   ml
    • 25   ml
    • 15   ml
    • 10   ml
    • 8  


    Spring nights call for a special cocktail, such as this fragrant and fruity strawberry mule. The scent and flavour of fresh basil give it a real pop, while lime adds tanginess and the ginger beer a pungent and spicy fizziness.

  1. Gently muddle the basil leaves in the base of a highball glass.

  2. Add the strawberry purée, vodka, lime juice, sugar syrup and plenty of ice.

  3. Stir well, then top up with ginger beer and garnish with a sprig of basil.