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Tropical Crepe

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For the kiwi and pineapple salsa

2 kiwi fruit kiwi fruit
200 g g pineapples pineapple
1 limes lime
(zest and juice)

To serve

8 cooked crepes cooked crepe
8 tbsp tbsp coconut yoghurt coconut yoghurt
8 tsp tsp grated coconut grated coconut

Tropical crepe with kiwi and pineapple salsa

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10 min


This healthier crepe recipe is full of tropical flavours, with creamy coconut yoghurt and a zesty fruit salsa. Take a look at our easy batter recipe to learn how to cook pancakes.

  1. For the salsa, dice the kiwi and pineapple into small chunks and place in a bowl.
  2. Toss through the lime zest and juice until thoroughly combined, then set aside until required.
  3. To serve, fold each crepe in half and and half a tablespoon of coconut yoghurt and a spoonful of salsa. Fold the crepe into quarters and top with another half tablespoon of yoghurt, more salsa and a teaspoon of desiccated coconut.