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Unicorn shake

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2 bananas banana
(frozen overnight)
100 ml ml skimmed milk skimmed milk
2 scoops scoop strawberry ice cream strawberry ice cream
2 milk lollies milk lolly


chia seeds chia seeds
(or sprinkles)

Unicorn shake

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10 min


This magical unicorn dessert provides a fun twist on the banana 'milkshake ‐ just remember to freeze your bananas overnight the day before making your shake. You can always swap the strawberry ice cream for some blended frozen berries, or fresh berries if you prefer.

  1. Tip the frozen banana into a blender, add the milk and blitz until smooth (but still very thick). Divide the banana milkshake between 2 glasses and top each with a scoop of strawberry ice cream.
  2. Using the handle end of a spoon, swirl the ice cream through the milkshake to create a marbled effect. For the unicorn finish, garnish with a milk lolly horn and you can add sprinkles or chia seeds to top it all off.